Monday, September 04, 2017

Day 3 of 30 in 30 challenge - Scratchart Chrysanthemum in progress

This is my progress on Day three's #30in30 project. I'm doing scratchart on an 8x10 Ampersand Scratchart Board. It's coming along nicely I'm pleased so far :-)  SO. MANY. PETALS!!!

I have already worked on this for 2 evenings and an afternoon (while listening to netflix) This is a first layer of scratching and I will spend some time after the first layer is done just going over the hilights, evening out the tone and making sure that the darks are still dark. 

Scratchboard is a hardboard support evenly covered with white kaolin clay and then sprayed with India ink. So when you use the tip of an exacto knife (or other scratchboard tools) you scrape off the black ink and reveal the white layer underneath. What you are watching for is changes in value (the lights and darks) of the petals in this case - and you can see that better by working from a greyscale photo of your object. You can enhance the tiny scratches by adding glazes of colour using acrylic inks. I'm not sure if I will do that yet. I really enjoy just leaving them in black and white for added drama! 

Scratchart is so repetitive that if I'm the least little bit tired, it can just about put me to sleep especially at night! Soooo relaxing. It's something I can work on while I'm listening or talking to someone - which is good - cause we are off today to visit some really close friends - who love to watch me work while we visit. Have Scratchboard...will travel.

Some other day this month I will show you progress on this board. I plan to do an elephant and a zebra later on. 

Do you have any photos with high contrast that might look good when done in black and white? Send them to me (with your written permission) for consideration for future projects. #alwayslookingfortheperfectreferencephoto

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