Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Sketchclub - Waterloo Train Station

What do you do when it's REALLY REALLY hot and sunny but there's no shade? You sit in your car and sketch from the front seat. Sketchclub last week went to the Waterloo train station. The train makes trips from Waterloo to Elmira. Why is it when you live in a city that you leave all the fun touristy things to do - to the tourists!? I've never taken this train trip. It might be a fun thing to do with the grandkids some day.

Most everyone else opted to sit on the other side of the station and sketch (and paint) the train engine. I liked the flowers and the building itself - with just  a hint of train peeking through under the awning.

Here's some of my photos :-)
(Taken through the windshield of course!)
The building was too long to get in one shot unless I backed WAY up. So I took sections so if I decide to work on this more, I will have all the details I need.

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