Sunday, April 09, 2017

Workshop weekend!

WOW! This weekend was busy.
On Friday I went down to Toronto for the Artwaves painting convention. I didn't take or teach any classes this year but I had fun visiting with all my friends that I found in the trade show.

Then on Saturday and Sunday I was at a workshop with David McEown who is a phenomenal watercolour artist who lives in Richmond Hill Ont and BC - but most of the time he is travelling around the world painting. Here's his website - you should check out his work!

We were painting Trilliums this weekend. SO much work left to do on my paintings! LOL
Here's a photo of what I got done on my first painting. I've just started on the flower and have ALL the leaves left to work on and the rest of the background. I hope to work on this and finish it for hang in my house. Why is it that artists are always selling or giving away all their work and never keep any for themselves :-) I love Trilliums so I will find a place for this one when it's done.

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