Friday, February 02, 2018

Some exciting new paint products released at Creativation recently

WOW! So many new paints are coming this spring! DecoArt will soon be releasing these new products that were unveiled at Creativation in Phoenix in January. Why do I like DecoArt paints and use them for all my paintings? DecoArt paint products are second to none! They use top quality colour pigments and they are long lasting quality paints - not just craft paints. DecoArt has been around for YEARS! And they keep on improving every year. Watch this video by Mark Montano. He will inspire you to explore your creative genius and give lots of ideas how to use these brand new paints.

Here are some exciting NEW things to try:

DecoArt Pouring medium
This medium is all you need to add to your paint the get awesome marbled paint effects. No more running to the hardware store to get silicone! There are SO many people pouring paint these days and it's really fun - if a bit messy! Just search for acrylic pouring videos on Youtube to see how much fun this can be. You add the pouring medium to any DecoArt paint colours - two or three is best - and stir. Then pour the paint onto canvas or wood. Tip it to let the colours mingle and run together. You should have the surface in a tray because the paint will drip over the sides to coat the whole thing. As it dries, little cells form and it adds more interest to the marbled pattern that forms. Let me know if you'd like to try it in the studio and I'll let you know when the product becomes available to us in Canada - should be sometime this spring.

Clear Pouring Topcoat
They've made a really neat high-gloss laquer finish. It's super shiny - like epoxy without the mixing! This would be perfect for a finish coat on hand-painted jewelery, or a wood box where you've used the pouring medium on the outside. I have some small painted necklace patterns that I want to try this on. You can also paint it over journal pages. It can be used on almost anything. Doesn't yellow, no bubbles! Pour it on and let it dry.

DecoArt Stylin'
Got shoes you love but they are a colour you don't wear much? Paint them the colour you want! You can refresh your belts, purses, paint on leather, vinyl binders etc. Make accessories match that dress for the wedding and save buying new shoes and stuff to go with. Or paint a cute design on some inexpensive runners for your kids. I can't wait to try this one too. I have a belt that could use a refresh! I've also seen people paint designs (landscapes) on skates and boots as well. This paint won't crack and peel off. I can't wait to try this product too.

Americana Decor Texture
This paint comes with texture mixed in already. Really thick and great for doing palette knife painting with texture. I think it will be great to try with stencils. Just tape the stencil to the item you're painting and use a palette knife to smooth the heavy body texture paint over the design. Lift off carefully and voila! A raised design to pretty up the cover of a journal or add some interest to an old dresser.

Matte Metallic paint
Metallics are on trend right now. DecoArt already has a super great line of shiny metallic paints but now they have added matte metallics. So, paint that looks like brushed silver and brushed rose gold. I think I'll rose gold a bunch of pots and boxes around my house when I get my hands on this paint! Can't wait!. I bet it will look great for lettering on signs too! You can count on me adding this to everything! I've got a bunch of ideas already!

Extreme Sheen Metallics
These metallics are extra shiny. Got some frames in the house that could use some refreshing? Wipe some on and wipe off. Betcha it would look cool to do up some older carved frames and update them. Or maybe paint some pots to look like brass or copper. Matching pots on the deck this summer. Did you know you can paint on a silver tea service. This metallic wouldn't tarnish!! I have a galvanized lettered sign I might like to make a different colour. Hmmm! Wheels are turning


Americana Premium Tube Acrylics
These ones I already have a whole set of! Michaels carries them and I got them when they first came out - on sale!! Who doesn't like to save money?  It's a medium bodied paint - a little thicker than Decoart's regular Americana paints. Some of the colours are transparent so they are great for doing glazes. They don't have as many colours in the line - and you really don't need to buy one of every colour because it's easy to mix whatever colour you want if you have taken a colour class to learn how. It's pretty easy!!  I like these for art journaling, and painting landscapes that have a little texture. I love the colours - the pigment is very strong and these are artist grade paints. Very similar to Liquitex Basics or Golden paints but less expensive!

Americana Decor Curb Appeal
This paint came out last year. We haven't seen it up here in Canada, but in the states there was a huge trend of people painting their doors in bright colours. You can also paint planters to match and boxes and lawn chairs. Colour co-ordinate your house! And it's great for outdoors! OR indoors! I did see extra bright coloured doors inside houses in one of the decorating magazines I glanced at recently. One lady painted a heron on her patio door and then decorated her deck with a beach scene to go with! Pick a theme and use your doors as a canvas - why not? Or even paint a simple floral garden design on a fence. That should keep you busy all summer!

Americana Home Decor paints
Some of these are already here in Michaels. Chalk paints that are way more affordable for painting over that old dresser or tray that's chipped. You can use these paints and stains for outdoor window boxes, mailboxes. Paint your furniture inside. I have a scratched coffee table I'll be doing over sometime soon! Redo your kitchen cupboards!! Endless ways to use the variety of paint types in this Home Decor line.

Americana paints
There are 15 new colours I will be trying to get my hands on too. They look soft and pastelly - Beautiful.

Why aren't there pictures? You'll have to watch the videos. I have not yet got these but I'll be first in line to get some as soon as they reach our Canadian crafting shops!

What new paint will you try first? Make a list of home DIY and refresh projects! Can't wait for spring!

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