Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sketch Club goes to the Farm

Our local sketch club was outdoors again this week - we went to a farm.I thought I'd share some of my photos. It was such a lovely day for an outing in the country :-)

At first I wandered around wondering what to draw. Good, modern looking barns aren't everyone's cup of tea you know...

 I took some photos of the sheep. Farmer Bob fed them for us so we could get some good photos and so they would "sort of stay still" HA! No such thing for a sheep! This one's name is Lambchop and he is a family pet. He came over to each of us to see if we had something to eat!
 The sheep all wear bells because a herd of sheep running, with bells clanging will scare any wiley coyotes away! 

And talk about a noisy barnyard! These little fellows were bleating away all morning as we sat on the dirt road beside the meadow and drew.  

This lovely lady was peeking out through a hole in the barn to see what the commotion was...

After we finished drawing, while we were talking to each other and admiring each other's efforts and talking about recent art workshops we have attended, the cows snuck over to get a better look too - we turned around and there the were - gawking over the fence at us!

 The barnyard cat had to come for a look too, but she didn't stick around too long!

I spent a wonderfully relaxing hour or so drawing this weatherbeaten birdhouse and then adding some watercolour to it. After everyone was done, we lined our sketchbooks up on a bench on the old veranda and enjoyed lemonade and cookies courtesy of Farmer Bob!  What a treat!
 "That's just the farm way!"

Thanks to Farmer Bob Miller for a wonderful sketching day!!

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