Thursday, September 03, 2015

My very first painting

My next door neighbour, Sylvia talked me into going to a Decorative Painting class at a nearby craft store.

Decorative painting - for those who don't know, is a painting style where you paint decorative designs on useful objects like wooden items, fabric, glass or non-useful surfaces like paper or canvas. It may include stencilling and faux finishing as well as many other techniques that are also learned in a step by step process.  It's a great way for people to learn how to paint.

I had already seen many painted projects in craft magazines but at the time there were no wood pieces in craft stores to paint on and I didn't have a way to cut wood myself, so I had just looked and wished I could paint. After this class, I found supplies and borrowed a bandsaw from my dad to cut the wood pieces, and I painted all my Christmas presents that year! This is the cute angel I painted in that first class many years ago - the beginning of my artistic journey. I probably painted this angel 5 or 6 times after that first class - a great way to practice.

I'm not sure now who the artist was who designed this angel (Rita Martin?) - nor the name of the teacher - but I am sure grateful that she gave me a start. 

I will be starting to teach painting classes this fall so if you would like to learn how to paint just send me an email and I will fill you in on the details. 

You can get started any time in my Open Studio classes and you can choose from my extensive library of samples and designs so if angels like this aren't your thing we can find something you DO like that will tickle your fancy. Styles have certainly changed over the years...but the techniques you learn can be applied to any style or design. If you've heard about Painting parties or maybe even attended one, we have the same thing going on in my home studio every week. Most of the supplies are included so it's simple to come and make it and take it!  This makes for a fun, night out for you and maybe a friend or two!!

Don't wait! Treat yourself, and maybe you will even have some paintings to give to your friends and family by this Christmas - something you made yourself!

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