Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Bleeding Hearts Step #4 Final painting

For the final stage of my Bleeding Hearts watercolour, I deepened the red on the hearts, and added some very light shading to the white parts of the flower along with adding seeds. Then I toned down all the lightest leaves - adding yellow-green where the light was shining on the leaves and adding more violet shades and darker blue-green shades to add variation to the leaves. 

I gave it a rest and took some photos. I noticed some leaves that were advancing too much into the foreground so I toned them down a bit and tidied up some edges - softening others. When I was happy, I signed my name, framed the painting and framed it. 

I entered it into the KWSA member's show in June and I'm thrilled to say the original has sold already!!
I will arrange to have prints that you can order online and those should be available soon.

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