Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas is Comin'...

A painting friend of mine, designed these cute little Santas as a free design. She designs a pin every year to give away as a Random Act of Kindness and encourages all her painting friends to paint a few and give them away every Christmas. They can be pins or ornaments.

I got some wooden tags at Michaels and started making some last week. Some will be for my grandkids - since I paint an ornament of some kind for them each year. And some will be to hand out. If you are reading this in 2016, you can get the design from her at: Random Act of Kindness pins

You can paint them on wooden tags or on watercolour paper coated with gesso to stiffen them. I finished these tonight as well as some star ornaments while watching Christmas movies on tv.

I also made a few of these star ornaments. I saw the star cut-outs at Michaels and couldn't resist bringing them home and adding a manger scene.
What's not to love about painting for Christmas!

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