Friday, September 08, 2017

Day 8 30 in 30 challenge

Colored Pencil
Look at this!! I'm actually posting a finished painting on the proper day :-) This is a coloured pencil painting that I did in an online course. Actually the background is done with pan pastel so it's officially a mixed media painting. The design is by Patsy Deal. I love doing birds and wildlife so I enjoyed this piece. 


Karey Swan said...

How did you do your background? I just turned in my graduation pieces and am FREE! Free to not stick to the rigors of each single medium and can mix all I want and even add backgrounds.

Debbie Eckmier said...

Hi Karey! Congrats on finishing your botanical illustration course :-) Lots of hard work for you! The background in my nuthatch painting was done with a neutral grey colour in Pan Pastels. You can buy each colour separately at your art supply store or online. I used one of their blending sponges and applied a little colour at a time to the background starting at the outside edges and blending with a circular motion as I worked into the center. The texture of the paper holds the pastel so it's darker at the outside edges. Be sure to use just a little bit of pastel at a time so it doesn't get too dark. I think I will use this technique fairly often in the future. I love how smooth the pastel is and how easy it is to cover a large area quickly. There's not as much dust with the Pan pastels as there is with regular soft pastels I find. The base colour for the tree was done with a medium value of the brown pan pastel also. Have fun! Can't wait to see some of your art work Karey!

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