Sunday, September 10, 2017

Day 9 30 in 30 challenge

So this weekend has been quite full! We were with our grandkids on Saturday and Sunday has just flown by. I have been working on two different paintings, but neither of them have been going as planned. This happens at times... One is a coloured pencil iris that is very overworked right now and I intend to start it over again - I just ordered a new set of Polychromos Coloured pencils and I can't wait to use them for my flowers! I also will be using a different kind of paper for the iris painting because the paper I used isn't as good for building up layers - which you have to do in order to blend the colours together well.

The other painting I have been working on is of some hydrangea petals in watercolour. It was fun because Hudson (3 years old) pulled up a stool beside Grandma to watch me paint. He was fascinated watching me put on the initial wash. Maybe he'll take painting lessons from Grandma in the future!

I just love the varied shades of blue and purple and cream and pink. But alas, I tried it on a new type of watercolour paper and it's not taking the paint as well as what I normally use - so I will be starting that one over again this week as well.

Good news is that Paul will be away tomorrow so I will be able to spend most of my time painting without distraction except from my doggie who likes to play a LOT! And Tuesday I will have quite a bit of time on my hands as Paul will be having a surgery in the morning and likely sleeping off anaesthetic in the afternoon and evening. Painting really helps me to keep occupied when life doesn't always go the way you hoped! It's great therapy for what ails 'ya.

I decided to post a photo of a watercolour painting that I have done recently. This one is of Chinese Lanterns - these are very interesting flowers - the pods dry to a vibrant orange colour around this time of year and you often can find them as dried flowers at the market. I haven't seen any in gardens lately. I understand they are quite invasive and they spread all over. I painted this (adding my own touches) from a step by step article in an art magazine a number of years back - the Leisure Painter. I love this magazine. It's truly one for beginners and has so many step by step tutorials. It's on my "have to buy" list every month. I have QUITE a stack saved up!

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