Friday, June 05, 2015

Bleeding Hearts Step 2

Here is the second step-by-step photo of my "Bleeding Hearts" painting that is entered into the KW Society of Artists show that opens at the Button Factory in Waterloo on Friday from 5 - 7pm.

After the first layer of light pink is on to show the shape and overlap of each heart, now it's time to really brighten up each flower. Using quite a bright red colour I wet each flower and touched the colour to the areas I wanted the strongest colour to be - keeping in mind that I wanted to leave some white areas to show the puffiness - and give each little heart some form and shape. 

With watercolour you can't paint two wet areas side by side or else all the colour bleeds into the wet area next to it. So I had to skip around quite a bit so so I could always be working on a flower that was beside two dry hearts.

You'll notice some hearts in front, some behind and some hanging sideways because they don't all face the same way as they hang from the stem. To show one heart was overlapping another heart, one edge was kept lighter and the one below (usually) is a bit darker - or vice versa - this way you don't have to outline each little flower with a line. The edges are kept crisp and the colour variation separates each one. I kept glazing more colour and more colour on the hearts until they were almost as dark as I wanted them. On bleeding hearts the older little hearts are lighter than the newer ones. I'm not quite done adding the layers of colour to all the hearts.

I'm loving how the hearts are turning out. Now is the time to sketch some leaves from the plant in my garden and figure out placement using tracing paper that you can see the background colours through.

Bleeding Hearts are one of my very favourite spring flowers. What spring flower is your favorite??

Watch for step 3 tomorrow.

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