Saturday, June 06, 2015

Bleeding Hearts Step 3

Step three...

I decided on the placement of the main leaves using the colours of the background so there would be a variation of interesting colour in them. I transferred the leaves onto the paper, and started to darken some of the areas where I want lots of contrast. 

Wetting the paper in sections I dropped in paint to make darker green and green-blue and yellow-green areas around the leaves. I used the background that was already there as a starting point. Using 2 brushes, one to apply the paint and another damp brush to soften edges so I didn’t get hard lines I worked my way around the outside of leaves. I prefer a softer blended look for my watercolours. 

It was quite a fiddly job painting around the little hearts but I want to see all the areas of the painting progress at the same time. I was trying to darken the edges but keep light in the centre to draw your eye to the main object which is the flowers. 

The background hearts are there as background so I purposely make the red bleed into the green and fuzz the edges so they disappear a bit more. This step of negative painting probably took me the longest since I had to put on several layers to get some of the areas dark enough. 

Adjust this… adjust that…make some of the edges softer and some more crisp. I still want to try to keep the colours that I started with since I love this combination. Play time!  

Oh I’m so pleased with how this is going…
Can't wait to show you the finished painting tomorrow!

I hope you can make it to see the KW Society of Artists show if you live close. It's on until June 25th at the Button Factory on Regina Street in Waterloo. 

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